JavaFX 1.3 Officially Released Apr 22!

JavaFX 1.3 Now Available!

JavaFX 1.3 Now Available!

This is what we’ve all been waiting for; the highly anticipated and much-needed JavaFX 1.3 SDK.  This new releases promises, and from my experience delivers, great enhancements to performance, JavaFX controls, layout and transforms, and much more!  Along with the release of JavaFX 1.3 comes the NetBeans 6.9 Beta release, so be sure to download both!

Here is one blog post and resource for JavaFX 1.3 that you will not want to miss:

James Weaver has been working on a attention-grabbing project in 1.3; a 3D Cuboid Calendar which interacts with the Google Calendar API.

3D Cube Calendar

3D Cube Calendar

From front to back, the cube displays the months of the year.  As the user rotates the cube (even on the z axis, a new conditional feature of 1.3 explained in Jim Weaver’s post), each side represents a different filter or view of the year.  For instance, if a user looks at the left side of the cube, they are viewing all of the Sundays in the year.  Jim has also added the ability to “peel back” layers of the cube, so instead of only viewing all Sundays, they can view the rest of the week days.

There are even more features to this cube, so be sure to check out Jim’s blog post here.


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